Monday, December 25, 2006

being in bokSING/CHRISTmas

I was part of a choir called Tetelestai who sang the APL Song with last Saturday in Manny Pacquiao's bokSING concert. Grabe, I sacrificed being at our school's Christmas party to go to practice; I left even before the Christmas mass started. I was happy mom supported me in my decision to leave. Even though I could have attended the party and still sung at the concert (there were those who did, practiced during Thursday), I have nada regrets. Why? Because I, unconsciously, stopped my classmates from dancing Sex Balls' Anjulina at the Christmas party. They were supposed to dance while the video was playing from my Carding (the name of my laptop), but I wasn't there. Neither was Carding. The video didn't work at another laptop they borrowed. It was a Christmas party, for crying out loud! I don't see how dancing the SB song would glorify God.

It's already December 26, but I still want to greet those who'll read this a blessed CHRISTmas! This is up to January, isn't it? Besides, I already greeted you last September. :P About my Christmas spirit? Hmm, I came to the realization that that "Christmas spirit" that I strongly felt while I was younger was only materialism that made me want to shop 'til I drop. As for the true spirit, I remembered: Jesus came! Isn't that enough reason to rejoice? I feel complete this season because I am complete, no worries, no "Christmas spirit" needed. Apart from Him, I am nothing. But since I am with Him, I am something so much more. Emmanuel: God is with us, with me. I believe in Jesus. It is Him who gives me my salvation, my complete-ness, my peace.


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