Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sa Multiply na ako ngayon madalas mag-blog. Visit me there (if you're in my network). I hope I'll be able to cross-post here soon, though. It ain't working the last time I tried it. :|

Monday, July 30, 2007

Lollipop II

Muli, I have another story about a lollipop (so, you'll read more of lollipops and Friday the 13ths, then. Hahaha.) Hindi kasing-k'wela noong mga una kong kinuwento, pero, basahin niyo na rin. Tutal, nandito na rin kayo. Hehehe.

We had our CAT military mass this morning. Regular cadets and flight leaders of the fourth year had to stand up during the duration of the whole mass while the other year levels were sitting down. :| Hahaha.

We were advised before the mass to sleep early, have a big breakfast, and chew in 5 pieces of candy so we won't collapse. I wasn't able to do the first two, so my body relied on the few hours of sleep and candy. I didn't have 5 pieces, though. All I had was Tootsie Pops given to me by Jedd. I was still sucking it when our flight leader commanded, "Chun!" I wasn't able to do anything anymore, we had to stand in attention. He went to me and said, "Bakit ka may kagat na ganyan?" "Sir, hindi pa ubos, o, sir!" "Kagatin mo na 'yan, malapit nang magsimula ang misa." I didn't, though. My teeth's too delicate, and the lollipop was still big, so I just put it in the wrapper and went on with the troop entrance stuff.

I heard the crowd react while the first exhibition of guns and stuff was going on. Didn't see anything, though. Schoolmates of towering heights didn't allow this mere 5'2" to see anything. May nakahulog yata ng baril or something. Tsaka nga pala, may nakita akong mag-collapse. Paano ba naman, ang init! Buti na lang, God kept me through. :) Thank you.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

interview with a friar

My Multiply's jinxed. :(( So, I'm back to my Blogger (it's been quite a while). I wish my Multiply would display content from my contacts soon. It's really freaky, nothing's coming out.

It was my first time to be in the principal's office. No, I wasn't being delinquent. I had to film Fr. RB being interviewed on how he, as a priest, views substance abuse. Ian, Mari and I went inside. Bunch of stuff you wouldn't think would be there, such as the Koran. While looking around, I eyed something so good that I wanted it: a painting of Jesus catching a man who had just crucified him. Forgiveness, where would we be without it, without those nail pierced hands?

So we did the interview, yay. I left the room without leaving something that I wanted. No, not the painting. :)) Fr. RB's childhood favorite, Kraft Caramels. Ang saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. It was like being Edmund eating Turkish delight. Fr. RB got me addicted. :))

Monday, January 08, 2007

Check! Chucks! Chito!

Two of the things I requested for the prom: 1) that I can pay the fee in check, and 2) that I can wear my Chucks at the prom itself (request din ni Vino). None were granted, not even if I have a pair of Chucks that technically has leather. :P

There is this boy southpaw (itago natin siya sa pangalang Chito) that has a crush on a girl southpaw (itago naman natin sa pangalang Isa). Chito said that Isa is pretty, funny, and even kalog. So the boy southpaw wanted to ask the girl southpaw to be his prom date. But Chito was too late. Natanong na si Isa ng isa pang boy southpaw (itago natin sa pangalang Esteban).

You see, this story was supposed to be confidential. Chito entrusted this story to boy orthodox (itago natin sa pangalang Clark). Chito believed that Clark will take care of his story. He explicitly said not to tell Esteban about the story. Pero, nagtaksil si Clark. Taksil, taksil, taksil! Kinuwento niya kay Esteban. Tuloy, si, Esteban, asiwa ang pakiramdam.

Esteban was surprised, for he never heard Chito say he wanted Isa for his prom date. Whenever Esteban asked, Chito would only reply, "Hindi ko pa alam." Esteban had no clue, for Chito even helped him in getting to Isa's house so that he could ask.

Is the story cheesy? If it is, I can do nothing to change it. The story's real. Ako si Esteban. I just found it heroic of Chito to selflessly help me ask Isa to go to prom with me, even if he himself wanted Isa to be his prom date. Dakila. It just sucks right now that I have to act as if I didn't hear about this whenever Chito's around. He doesn't know that I know, that Clark told me all about it. :|

*changed the names of all people in the story

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sana Maulit Muli

Gary V's song. ABS' new teleserye. Yeah, I'm gonna watch (as long as I can bear the drama). Before the show starts tomorrow, I just noticed something (due to the overplaying of the promotional commercial):

In the story, the name of the girl protagonist's (Kim Chui) name is Jasmine. The name of the girl antagonist (Erich Gonzales), on the other hand, is Camille. BOO. Hahahahaha. I'm still gonna watch, though. :P

Monday, December 25, 2006

being in bokSING/CHRISTmas

I was part of a choir called Tetelestai who sang the APL Song with last Saturday in Manny Pacquiao's bokSING concert. Grabe, I sacrificed being at our school's Christmas party to go to practice; I left even before the Christmas mass started. I was happy mom supported me in my decision to leave. Even though I could have attended the party and still sung at the concert (there were those who did, practiced during Thursday), I have nada regrets. Why? Because I, unconsciously, stopped my classmates from dancing Sex Balls' Anjulina at the Christmas party. They were supposed to dance while the video was playing from my Carding (the name of my laptop), but I wasn't there. Neither was Carding. The video didn't work at another laptop they borrowed. It was a Christmas party, for crying out loud! I don't see how dancing the SB song would glorify God.

It's already December 26, but I still want to greet those who'll read this a blessed CHRISTmas! This is up to January, isn't it? Besides, I already greeted you last September. :P About my Christmas spirit? Hmm, I came to the realization that that "Christmas spirit" that I strongly felt while I was younger was only materialism that made me want to shop 'til I drop. As for the true spirit, I remembered: Jesus came! Isn't that enough reason to rejoice? I feel complete this season because I am complete, no worries, no "Christmas spirit" needed. Apart from Him, I am nothing. But since I am with Him, I am something so much more. Emmanuel: God is with us, with me. I believe in Jesus. It is Him who gives me my salvation, my complete-ness, my peace.

Friday, December 22, 2006

too lazy to think of a title

I cleaned our bathroom today. Parang mas lalong dumumi. "Ang daling gumamit ng banyo, ang hirap maglinis, diba?" Don't push it, ma.