Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm Back!

I want to be a flight attendant.

OK, you can laugh your asses out right now. It must be because of the vacation trip I had in Hong Kong (I won't tell you about it in the meantime for I'm too lazy to type about it). I remember wanting to be a flight attendant five years ago, but then decided not to pursue it because of the 9/11 tragedy. I wanted to be a flight attendant because of two things: 1. I love airplane food, and 2. I thought being a flight attendant was only being a "waiter in the sky," which is not true. Now that the dream is alive again, I now know my dream job. What I don't know is the dream course that comes with it. :P

Eight days to go and classes begin. I'm not yet ready. I haven't purchased school supplies and my vacation luggage hasn't been unpacked. God bless our batch this year. Woah, 3M na ako (
talk about the scotch tape and the pizza pie).

Sunday, May 21, 2006


I'm going on a blog-leave for a week. I haven't fully recovered from coughing, and my mom told me to take care of myself, so minimizing my cyber addiction is one of her orders. Here's what's going to happen to me for this week (as if you would really care):

Monday - SEP. Our group's turn to report about circles. Final games for the volleyball game in BEG, but I skipped because I wanted to rest for the Mafia night!

Tuesday - SEP. Mafia Night.

Wednesday - My last SEP.

Thursday to Sunday - Hong Kong! May ipapapabili ba kayo? I forgot, I'm gonna be on a blog-leave so I won't read your request. Mwahahaha.

God bless.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Friday and Saturday

Another day of Summer Enrichment Program in Ateneo. Boring, as usual. I went with my classmates to Mcdonald's during the 30-minute interval of the classes. The day before, we were lucky to get back to school in time, but we were late this time. It was stressful for me that I decided to hassle myself instead of simply staying in school and making it to class on time. I'm convicted that what I did was wrong, so I decided not to join Ryan again, if ever he invites me again. Sorry talaga, Lord.

We had a meeting for Film Critics' Circle in Jollibee (Starbucks was the former meeting place). We decided on what films to show them, projects, everything concerning our org. After that, I commuted in the night for the first time. It was pretty scary, because I felt like someone was following me when I was walking in the sidewalk. I saw no more FX's, so I had no choice but to ride the jeep. At first, I rode a Sta. Lucia jeep, but immediately transferred to a Cainta-Junction jeep so that I can go straight home. I gave the jeepney driver 50 pesos (which I owed from Tim because I paid for the tricycle to McDonald's), but the driver gave me no change. I didn't bother to say that I didn't get my change. I just wanted to go home. Good thing I had enough coins for a last tricycle ride to our house.

It was my first time to go to Jcone, Jzone's ice cream party, today. A skit, pera- o- bayong kind of game, WD4J dance, hand-mime, Gospel message, praise and worship, freebies for first timers, ice cream eating happened. The event meant lots of ice cream for everybody... everybody but me (and my brother). I'm still suffering from cough while my brother was part of a choir, so we decided to go against the flow.

At Jcone, they served dirty ice cream, Big Scoop, and Nestle, which included Milo, which is one of my favorites. For two reasons (besides coughing) I didn't eat it because: 1. I still remember that I ate that ice cream before I got sick at school, and 2. Milo ice cream was served only for those who volunteered to help in Jcone (but my sister was able to eat, though). I was able to bear seeing my dgroup enjoy eating ice cream. My brother had a tougher time, because he said that his favorite flavor, bubble gum, was also available. Besides Milo, my other favorite is coffee, which wasn't (or was but I didn't see it) served. I'll catch up in Jcone 4. Niyek.

I missed prompting! Whoa. It was my group who sang in Jcone earlier, but because I didn't receive any text message saying that our group's going to sing, I wasn't able to prompt. I've been wanting to prompt since I prompted in the all-boys retreat. An I- didn't- come- because- I- didn't- receive- a- text- message also happened to me before, it was during the prompting auditions. Praise the Lord, I was still able to be part of the music ministry (audition and practice in one day). My penmanship seriously needs a miracle, because I think I miswrote my cell phone number in the application form. Kaliwete nga, ngunit pangit ang sulat. Kamusta naman 'yun?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Overhaul: Ang Pagwawakas (Niyak, ano 'to, teleserye?)

After the all-girls retreat camp Extreme Makeover and a week after that do I able to (finally) finish about Overhaul, our retreat in Caliraya. Remember that I'm a long poster. Long post ahead!

Day 2 (pa rin?!?!):
Yes, dear.

I actually played ultimate frisbee (wherein, we won, but I didn't help much) before I joined in volleyball, but I must have forgotten to type about it since the game was so short. :P So after frisbee and volleyball, Bennett and I raced to our room way up the mountain so that we can shower at the bathroom. I think he got to the room first, but decided to let me take a bath first. Yay! After almost a quarter-day, LJ finally woke up from his sleep. He's so tired in playing for the band.

When I was in line during dinner, a boy asked me if I was from 2-M, my section in AHS, and i said yes. And so he said, "Ah, ikaw pala si Sarah Geronimo!" Rawr. Four months since that day and they still remember! My desire to meet Atenean boys in camp was fulfilled, but I was in my usual timid self. Nahiya na naman ako nang masyado.

After dinner, we went down to the Valley Theater. Before the session with Ptr. Nathan, Rodis and Chico invited first timers to play Pinoy Henyo on stage. Chico had told me earlier to join, and that the terms to be guessed are usually biblical. But when Michael and I stepped on stage, they gave us a non-biblical term. Once the word was stuck in my forehead, the transformation to Sara* began. I asked yes-or-no questions about the term while Michael answered. The question that made a few go, "woah," was, "Is this something abstract?" To make the story shorter, kinarir ko ang Pinoy Henyo, and I eventually guessed the term, mud slide, which was a Caliraya specialty. At hindi natapos do'n, sapagkat pati ang ang pagdiwang ko sa tagumpay na 'yon ay aking kinarir, raising my hands up in the air, doing what most thought was Jzone- X- to- the- X- level gesture. Niyahaha. I didn't eat my prize for that game until I got home. :P

After that game, praise and worship and the session followed, wherein I was immediately humbled by Ptr. Nathan's message. He talked about self-esteem and real-esteem, and how real-image matters more than the self. Before the message, my favorite Take 2 skit was presented (with the mirror, ako-ang-iyong-konsensya thing), then This is Your Life by Switchfoot was played, and it was more convicting compared to when I heard it before. Like most of the boys there, I was STRUCK by the message, and so along with the other boys did I make a commitment to deal about this issue.

The funny thing was, LJ and Khris looked tired when we had our breakout group, since they played for praise and worship during the session, but when Chuck, Carlo, and Mikko arrived, bigla silang nabuhay. Rawr. Now that they've arrived, we had two dgroup leaders, Mikko and Zeus. Both of them are into photography, so whenever they did camera talk, we all went, "Nosebleed!" XD Zeus took a picture of me with Carlo. They say that we look like we're brothers. ROFL. Suuuuure, as long as I am cuter. Just kidding. :P

Day 3:
I went to Dawn Watch again, as usual, and made sure that I joined the final group prayer.

Pinoy Henyo again was played, and my record was beat, 2:30+ versus 0:09. Rawr. Hahaha.

When free time came, I became anxious about the mud slide, if I'm going to be able to do it or not. Ang OA talaga noong pag-aalala ko. I did what I usually do when I worry--procrastinate. I wasn't able to practice for the evening session, watching my dgroup play Game of the Generals while worrying about it, falling asleep. My worry was relieved when I was able to slide down to the mud for about six "last" times. So much fun, even if mud went into parts of me I never imagined it would go to. I have a serious issue about my paranoia. Rawr.

Nicco sang Who Am I during the night session. The song's so inspiring and lifting whenever I hear it! After the message, extended singing followed, wherein we kept on singing praise and worship songs. Everyone was screaming, "One Way! Jesus!" Rawr.

After the session did the fun breakout follow. Our dgroup had this powder activity, wherein we get powder in our faces whenever we don't do the statements told about school, such as I never had a failing mark, or I never did my homework in school. Picture-picture taking with powdered faces afterwards. Saya!

Day 4:
There was no Dawn Watch, in which most boys found delight about. Boys will be boys.

Baptism day! Boys decide to follow Jesus! Hooray! It was my first time to become a witness to Christians proclaiming their faith publicly. I was baptized three years ago already so I didn't get myself baptized (though I feel like I need recomittment to the baptism sometimes). It was a fun baptism, especially that we sang I Have Decided to Follow Jesus after every baptism held. I took pictures of Francis doing the baptizing, because my sister told me to take more pictures of him. Niyahahaha.

I made sure that I didn't miss the last prompting for praise and worship, so I directly went to the Valley Theater after the baptism to practice. Hindi na ako nakaligo sa sobra na namang atat. Eeewww. Before praise and worship, awards were given to Victor, Axel, Cholo, and Richard for reciting, careering (C1-C4) ALL memory verses, then to me for careering (C5, niyek!) Pinoy Henyo, to Andrew Earthball, Emy for Intense Frisbee, and Matthew for Intense Worship. I really wanted the tumbler, but didn't know all the verses. Buti na lang! :P

When the music team was ready, I noticed that most of us prompters were coughing. And I'm still coughing today. Rawr. I wish I could be cough free before Jcone comes. Sigh. Before the praise and worship began, Chuck told the boys the names of those included in the team, and when it was the prompters' turn to be called, I was overlooked. Gian pointed to me so that Chuck can see me. Hahaha.

Winner talaga ang huling Take 2 skit, because it had no relation to Kuya Ryan's final message at all. Grabe.

Picture-picture taking again, this time with everybody, except Mikko and Zeus. Whoopee! Burst-mode galore! Hahaha.

The music team had one final meeting (the only meeting I attended :P), so we prayed, and had picture-taking, which really ate up time for breakout discussion AND taking a bath.

So, after lunch and a few more picture taking do we finally go back to Manila. After I got to CCF, I reunited with my family and attended vesper. I wasn't able to focus well on the message because I heard the message already. After eating, we finally got to home sweet home.

These are the things that happened in the retreat. Such a long post. What more if I was more active in sports? :P I praise God that I was able to have a fun and meaningful time in the camp. Now, I'm back to the busy Manila, all of my summer days counted. Sigh, I wanna go back there! Hahahaha. I'm happy that a part of my summer was used very well. So very happy, I got the Jesus in my heart... kumanta raw ba. :P

* Woah! Tinapos mo post ko? :P Well, I have my alter-ego, and his name is Sara. He's named after BoA's cat. O_o