Friday, June 30, 2006

I Forgot O_O

Our class band? No, not about them. It's about something, something that I, yeah, you've guessed it. Something so basic. Something so easy. Something so true.

We had a salu-salo in the faculty caf last Friday during the mass of the Holy Spirit. While I was falling in line to get food to eat, the plates were started to be passed. When Ser Pao got his plate, he looked at the back of the line and whispered to us, his students, something like this, "May chicks sa likod. Sige, ipasa niyo 'yung mga plato sa kanila." And so I did. Ser told me, "nang may pagmamahal naman." And so I did, with a slightly brighter face I can make.

What I forgot was that if there isn't any love in what you are doing, then what you're doing is meaningless. How could I forget that? I feel so stupid.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Maybe I Won't Look Back

I'm looking for the peace to find some sleep tonight. I'm not very proud of the way I have lived today. If I choose to follow Him along the way, then maybe I won't look back. I feel like time has gone and passed me by.

On those days I could have said something. In those times when help was needed I was busy. Was it worth it? No, I don't think so. Now I see the moment is gone. On those days I could have done something. A thoughtful word, a simple smile, but I was selfish, but if I change my heart today, tomorrow might be OK, then maybe I won't look back.

Kumanta na naman si mokong ng Maybe I Won't Look Back ni Stacie Orrico. Napakalala kasi ng LSS ko sa awiting iyan. As I've sang, I'm not very proud of the way I have lived today, and so not very proud of the way I've been living everyday. Muli, ako'y magbubuntong-hininga. Haaay.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


It's Wednesday, and it's org day. Applicants gather at the ITC 2 to be interviewed for Film Critics' Circle. I can't help but think again how I was "imprisoned" by the org. It was my desire to go for a third org, but I was elected to be an org officer. It was chaotic. It wasn't clear for some of us officers what questions to ask, which applicants to interview, which answers to take note of, the atmosphere was pretty chaotic. The stupid thing was, we collected the org cards of some applicants when we were supposed to give it back to them. How are they supposed to try out for the other orgs without those cards? The worst event was losing one's org card, losing the sibling of our last year's org head's org card. Our org left a very bad impression on those applicants. I really want to print out the names of whom I think deserves the blame in here, in bold, in the biggest font size possible, but I don't want to hurt people, especially that we're just starting. I just want to sigh. Ai!

Monday, June 26, 2006

For the sake of those passing by...

Mukhang nilalangaw na kasi 'tong blog na 'to sa sobrang tagal nang walang bagong post. Since school has started, and all the pressures of work are starting to rise up again, here's what I have to say:

HEAR MY CRY! At para sa karangalan mo, tulungan Niyo po akong maging-- TODO BIGAY (Ser Pao)!

And so I sing, "Let me be a shining light for You. Let me be a joy to You always!" :D

My sister left the country yesterday to go to US and have her vacation there for two months. Hay, I miss her already.

Hanggang dito na lang.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hay, naku. This vacation has been my fastest so far. Let's look back at the events that consumed my summer time.

Farm blessing - Our farm in Cavite was dedicated to God. Our former church brothers and sisters were there to witness the event. I hated it that my first time to lead the praise and worship was half-baked, it was only that day that I knew that I would take the leading over. Oh, well.

Jzone retreat - The amazing four days of my life. I learned so much about myself, and my God as well. I got to try my first ministry in this camp: welcoming the campers ministry (Wahaha, Yes, but the ministry ministry I did for the first time in the retreat was to prompt.). These days will be missed.

SEP - Soiree everyday, I mean, Summer Enrichment Program. I got two lazy-sounding teachers. The program was pathetic. I knew I could have done something more productive than wasting May 2- May 29 on that program. Wherever was the fun that they promised.

Mafia night - I was the mafia on my first Mafia game. Sweet. I ended up killing all but two people. Hahaha.

Trip to Hong Kong - Disneyland, shopping, and Nissin cup and beef balls for dinner. Who could ask for anything more?

Papasok na ako. Maraming salamat sa naging masayang (kahit na bitin) bakasyon. Hanggang dito na lang.

Monday, June 05, 2006

May Chucks na rin ako!

After Sunday worship service at CCF, my family and I went to the Converse Mega Sale at Megatrade Hall in Mega Mall. It was the last day of sale, and I'm sooo veryyy happy with the pairs that I bought! Buti na lang talaga, I decided to buy Pony over Chucks earlier, because I found the pair of Chucks that I really fell in love with in that sale, and I love the pair of Pony shoes that I had bought earlier as well. Lubog na lubog na talaga ako sa utang ngayon, pero ang ganda-ganda naman talaga ng mga nabili kong mga sapatos! Haaay.

I bought two pairs of Chucks so that I can do the alternate shoe-wearing thingy. The first pair is the Chuck Taylor® All Star® Multi Logo Navy/Orange/Yellow Unisex Hi. Like my brother said, the pair is reminiscent of Granny Goose junk food Kornets. Hahahahaha. I was really choosing a beige pair over that pair, but my sisters told me that this pair was better. This size 8 pair would really match my wardrobe, anyway. It looked like the fake ones sold in tiangges, one thing that I didn't like about it. From 2,630 PHP, I think, I got to buy the pair for 1,800 PHP (pictures from!

Like what my brother said, this style is reminiscent of Granny Goose junk food Kornets. Hahahahaha.

OK, this is really is it. When I went to that sale, I had no idea what style of shoes I wanted to buy. "My favorite red and black color combination again, perhaps," I thought. But while I was browsing through the pile of Chucks, I came across this black and gray pair of shoes, with the word "peace" in different languages. Being the multilinguist-wannabe that I am (btw, Kim speaks six languages and she's Big Brother Big Winner, yay!), it was love at first sight! At first, the size 7 fit me perfectly, but I feared that it might be too tight to wear. The next size was a 10, but it was too loose. I suddenly thought if I should buy 10, but that would be stupid if it did happen. I suddenly mourned the chance of buying a pair with that design. I didn't give up, so I reached for the size 7 pair again and figured that it was all right. I feel like it may get tighter anytime, but hey, at least I get to wear the pair that I really found adorable. It's actually more comfortable to wear than the size 8 pair. :P This one's way more pricey than the multi-logo pair, I think it was 2,950 PHP, but I got to buy it for 1,800 PHP too! I can't wait to wear it outside. Here it is, the Chuck Taylor® All Star® Peace Black/Grey Unisex Hi, Canvas.

After shopping and eating at Mega Mall, we headed home. I immediately tried on the peace Chucks and my brother tried the Kornets Chucks and an orange shirt my dad bought in the sale. The shirt and the shoes were a perfect combination. I keep on telling him that he should buy that pair so that we can share. Super laki na kasi ng utang ko, e. Hihihihi.

Today, we had a supposedly reunion with the youth from my previous church, but only James and Gino came. We still continued with the devotional and the swimming, so I'm currently darker than the usual.

School starts on Wednesday. Haaay, ayoko pa!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


I'm going back to school on Wednesday. Wah, ayoko pa! BIG sigh.