Wednesday, November 29, 2006

EMO (oh no!)

One of my worst fears is getting my wrists brutally touched, either by accident or on purpose. I wore bracelets and bands so that it won't happen. However, when I got into the realization that I look like a Christmas tree, I stopped over-accessorizing. And then it happened.

Ian and I were practicing for Makbet. You see, Ian loves High School Musical and so he became a Wildcat--a tiger, that is. While he was waving his arms, his nail slashed my wrist! Woah. My wrist started to turn red, it didn't bleed that much. And so, I ran to emo-boy Paolo and said:

"Paolo, look! (pointing at wrist) Emo! Yay! =D"

He then replied:

"Sam, hindi masaya ang emo. D="