Monday, January 08, 2007

Check! Chucks! Chito!

Two of the things I requested for the prom: 1) that I can pay the fee in check, and 2) that I can wear my Chucks at the prom itself (request din ni Vino). None were granted, not even if I have a pair of Chucks that technically has leather. :P

There is this boy southpaw (itago natin siya sa pangalang Chito) that has a crush on a girl southpaw (itago naman natin sa pangalang Isa). Chito said that Isa is pretty, funny, and even kalog. So the boy southpaw wanted to ask the girl southpaw to be his prom date. But Chito was too late. Natanong na si Isa ng isa pang boy southpaw (itago natin sa pangalang Esteban).

You see, this story was supposed to be confidential. Chito entrusted this story to boy orthodox (itago natin sa pangalang Clark). Chito believed that Clark will take care of his story. He explicitly said not to tell Esteban about the story. Pero, nagtaksil si Clark. Taksil, taksil, taksil! Kinuwento niya kay Esteban. Tuloy, si, Esteban, asiwa ang pakiramdam.

Esteban was surprised, for he never heard Chito say he wanted Isa for his prom date. Whenever Esteban asked, Chito would only reply, "Hindi ko pa alam." Esteban had no clue, for Chito even helped him in getting to Isa's house so that he could ask.

Is the story cheesy? If it is, I can do nothing to change it. The story's real. Ako si Esteban. I just found it heroic of Chito to selflessly help me ask Isa to go to prom with me, even if he himself wanted Isa to be his prom date. Dakila. It just sucks right now that I have to act as if I didn't hear about this whenever Chito's around. He doesn't know that I know, that Clark told me all about it. :|

*changed the names of all people in the story

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sana Maulit Muli

Gary V's song. ABS' new teleserye. Yeah, I'm gonna watch (as long as I can bear the drama). Before the show starts tomorrow, I just noticed something (due to the overplaying of the promotional commercial):

In the story, the name of the girl protagonist's (Kim Chui) name is Jasmine. The name of the girl antagonist (Erich Gonzales), on the other hand, is Camille. BOO. Hahahahaha. I'm still gonna watch, though. :P