Friday, January 20, 2006

Pissed off

I'm pissed off by my brother today. He kept on making excuses so that he won't lend me his Ultraelectromagnetic Jam CD, even though he promised me yesterday that he would. It sucked that he had to talk too much about not putting the profane songs and stuff instead of letting me borrow the CD ahead so that I can put the songs in my iPod and get the job done. Hindi na tuloy maganda 'yung mood ko kaya 'di ko na mailagay, kasi hindi na rin maganda mood niya. I wish he had more faith in me when it comes to borrowing his things. I mean, I'm not as clumsy as before!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Reasons to Cry

Yup, the past few days were tear-jerking for me. So many reasons why I had to cry.

First, I was elected for an officer at our org, Film Critics' Circle, and I was assigned to be the treasurer. Tears of joy? Nope. Ibon man, may layang lumipad, kulungin mo at umiiyak. I was hoping to transfer to another org (again), IndAK maybe or YFC. I didn't had a valid reason to decline the job, or maybe I had and I didn't bother to speak up for myself. My silence tortured me again. It's too late.

Also, I found out last Monday that I failed my long test in Math. My score was 37 out of 52. It was drastic because almost all of us had high scores. I think I'm the one who had the lowest score. But I had no idea that something more surprising would top this news...

Finally, my Tito Poch died also last Monday, and we had his body interred earlier this Sunday. His death was so sudden. I still find it hard to believe he's dead. I wish I took the time to pray for him while he was still alive. Thank you for sewing my Julius Caesar speech costume and lending me the Mary J. Blige and Macy Gray CDs, Tito. RIP.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Oy, may Multiply na rin ako. Mwahahaha! Click here to go there! The theme of my sister's site and that of mine are the same. See how identical they are by looking at her site here.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Happy new year, everyone! Wow, my blog's going to be almost a year old in April! Just have a prosperous year, this time, everyone. I know that we are going to blow it sometime this year, but remember that all things work together for our good!