Friday, April 29, 2005

Another day outside...

My sister and I had a tutorial session on algebra today so that we could get ourselves ready when we get back to school. My teacher asked me why did I still wanted to get myself tutored when I am smart already.

After staying at the Club Filipino for the tutorials, we went to Greenhills to see if my orthodontist was available, kasi palaging natatanggal yung mga singsing ng braces ko. Unfortunately, she wasn't there, so I have to wait for few days. Naku, na-delay na ng ilang linggo ang pagsuot ko ng braces!

Our next destination was the mallwide sale at SM Megamall. As usual, daming tao! I bought a book, Number the Stars- Lois Lowry for only 50 pesos! Then I got two albums, Switchfoot- The Beautiful Letdown and Casting Crowns, at the House of Praise. I got my Frequent Buyer's Card stamped 6 times, 4 more to get an appreciation gift. I hope that gift is something very useful. After that, I got myself an Evanescence shirt before we finally ended up in Shangri-La because my brother was tired already plus it would be difficult to get home if we waited for our dad and sister at SM.

I'm sleepy now. I'm so tired I'm finding it difficult to reach the toothbrush. It seems so distant right now.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Marimba Sessions

My family and I went to Makati to visit my Tito Bobie's house. My uncle had sold his marimba, a musical instrument similar to the xylophone, to us and he taught us the basics on how to play it. As long as one knows how to play the piano, he can play the marimba in no time.

We went to Timezone after that. We consumed all of our free Powercards, and I had felt empty after that because I craved for more, especially Dance Maniax. I saw some guys playing it, and they were pretty good. Grabe talaga. Yung iba, kinakarir yung pagsayaw.
Well, I can't wait to get back there soon.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Melissa at Shoppesville

I saw Melissa Ricks today at Shopesville in Greenhills. It's my 2nd encounter with her, the first one at the opening ceremony of our intrams at school. She's really purdy. I was walking to get closer to my mom and brother and then suddenly, I said to myself, "Was that Melissa?" I saw her closing her camera or cell phone. She probably just had her picture taken with the mascot at the candy shop nearby.They said that she looked a bit of a show-off (is that the right term for papansin?) in doing that. As for me, there's nothing with what she did. If she wants to have her picture taken with a mascot then let her do so. She's living in a free country. Dedma lang ako no'ng nakita ko siya pero sa loob ko, sana may nadala akong bolpen at papel sa aking bulsa. Sa tingin ko, mas magugulat ako kung taga-Star Struck nakita ko kaysa 'pag taga- Star Circle Quest ang nakasalamuha ko sa labas.

I'm sorry if I haven't post about the vacation bible school we had yet. Nakah, magdadalawang linggo na pala nang mangyari 'yung vbs na 'yun! Have patience if you were waiting for the stories, but I don't really know if you really care. It's what us bloggers ask when we post: Who really cares?

God bless you. Let me break it down until... here.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Our pioneer vacation bible school Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

DVBS: Day 1

Today, we celebrate two events: my father's 49th birthday and the launch of our pioneer daily vacation bible school.

We started the day by praying together, with daddy leading us. We prayed that God would guide everybody who'd be working tat the vbs, and thanked Him for daddy's life on this earth. After that, my dad proceeded to the car to go to office, me and my brother rushing to him to give our presents for him. And then the vbs began.

Under my skin:
It was a bit nerve-racking for me because we only had a few weeks to prepare for it. Knowing that we only had short time to prepare for the vbs made me remember the times when I crammed for school. Those times were not fun.

Student population: The students that we taught were fewer than we expected. Me and my brother taught only 5 children while my 2 sisters only taught 3.

Warm up:
My mother said to the children that the people who are going to teach to them are either their cousins so that there will be no reason to be very shy, and explained more about the vbs. Then, the children were divided according to the level that they will belong to. Kids aged 7-12 were taught by me and my brother while the younger ones were taught by my 2 sisters. Then the vbs sessions got busy.

The vbs classes:
The children played a basketball type of a game for a warm-up. Then, they were taught about discipline, using the story of Daniel and his friends and their fight not to eat ungodly food. After that, they had some more activities, such as coloring the pictures about the story they had just heard. After the activities, they proceeded to eating snacks, had more activities, and ate again, and we wrapped up the day.

After the vbs classes:
I felt tired after the vbs because of the lack of sleep I had the night before. We found out that there were more children who would be coming tomorrow, which we knew would make our jobs harder. Now, proceeding to my father's birthday, we had a special dinner with cake (the traditional package) at our home. After we ate, we were resting when we heard a noise, rather an alarm. It sounded like a car alarm, so my sister and father rushed outside. They found out somebody threw something at the back of the Lancer. After that, my parents went to the barangay tanod to report the incident. We never found out who's responsible for the damage. Talagang yung otong walang insurance yung tinamaan! As we tried to find out what was the message of the event, my father came out with a message that we should get another house, with a bigger garage so that we may be able to park all of our vehicles inside. So, dad just made it a laughing matter. It's OK because we are able to get the glass replaced. Praise God!

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My father's suprise birthday present

That's it for now. I still have to prepare for tomorrow's vbs!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Rebirth (Starting from scratch...)

I dedicate my journal to the Author of Life for His Greater Glory, and I will do so always.

God bless, everyone!

Peace out.