Saturday, September 10, 2005


I tried out practicing for a choir earlier this day. I was late when I came at the Immaculate Conception building. I met Jeff, Jerwin and Kevin there, already vocalizing for the practice. Joseph was at the children's choir.

The practice was really exciting, for the person who taught us was Mrs. Vizconde-Roldan, our Music teacher, who leads in rehearsing Hail Mary the Queen Children's Choir. She has told her students in our schools of the different experiences she had for taking up music, such as being able to travel abroad, having her choir in various competitions there, and seeing Mozart chocolate bars. That made it more exciting for me if I would ever make it to her choir.

When I joined the rest of the boys in practicing, Mrs. Vizconde-Roldan told me I was a tenor (I knew I could still hits some high notes). It was amazing learning a new piece called Alleluia Canon (by Ronald Moore if I remember right) with two of the choir members, Storm and Raymond. I noticed that the timbre of their voices were very different from mine and my classmates. Man, those guys really rock!

Mrs. Vizconde-Roldan had to ask us if we're really ready to join the choir. Some of us had some issues that could hinder us from coming regularly, such as the CSP (Christian Service Program) and the fact that three of us live in Rizal. As for me, my parents are willing to support me, except if it will conflict my religious issues. I haven't told Mrs. Vizconde-Roldan that I'm a Born Again Christian. If the choir would be named Hail Mary the Queen Youth Choir and/or the choir would have to sing regularly in Catholic churches, I have to decline. I'm hoping that won't be the case for I really want to be in this choir bad. Another concern would be my studies. The choir could either be the reason for me to study harder or the other way around. I'm praying that the choir would be for my good.

I have to decide. Lead me Lord. Only you know what's the best choice for me.

Friday, September 02, 2005

(Grabe) The Week That Was

It's so hard to believe that the 1st term is over! A truckload of events happened in the past three months: the tests, the exams, the projects, the presentations, and the etc. For the first time, circumstances went topsy-turvy for me. Last school year, I had honors during each term. This year, I don't know if I would pass all subjects. In 1-E, I felt a little, little, little ahead my classmates. In 2-M, I feel very, very behind my classmates. (shift) Malamang, inipon ang lahat ng natitirang matatalino. (shift) Maybe this is a test for me. What if God took my honor and my high marks? Would I still be the same person I was, when I had the honor and the marks?

This week, we had our periodical exams. All of them were hard. Even Math, the subject I aced twice last year, was difficult. I missed the periodical exams I had last year. They were more objective than subjective. This year, the tests required a lot of analytical thinking, particularly the choose-the-best-answer multiple choices. How I hate that test type!

The events this week weren't all bad. Earlier, we had our Music presentation at Hayes' Hall. We performed a happily sad song about friendship. Before we did the presentation, we prayed together. I knew God would help us in the presentation. Back to the presentation, I expected my classmates to respond positively to our performance by cheering, but I didn't anticipate them clapping and Junjie dancing (and you don't want to know how morbid it looked) ! I hate to brag about it, but our presentation was graded 97 percent plus the five points for submitting the lyrics on time, which sums up to 102! We're only 3 percent behind Anton and company's rap presentation! Sweet! Praise the Lord!

I feel so nervous about Filipino. My existence in its honors class seem ironic, and is yet to be proven worthy. I have no idea if I would still be able to reach 75%. I'm (figuratively) crossing my fingers!