Wednesday, February 07, 2007

interview with a friar

My Multiply's jinxed. :(( So, I'm back to my Blogger (it's been quite a while). I wish my Multiply would display content from my contacts soon. It's really freaky, nothing's coming out.

It was my first time to be in the principal's office. No, I wasn't being delinquent. I had to film Fr. RB being interviewed on how he, as a priest, views substance abuse. Ian, Mari and I went inside. Bunch of stuff you wouldn't think would be there, such as the Koran. While looking around, I eyed something so good that I wanted it: a painting of Jesus catching a man who had just crucified him. Forgiveness, where would we be without it, without those nail pierced hands?

So we did the interview, yay. I left the room without leaving something that I wanted. No, not the painting. :)) Fr. RB's childhood favorite, Kraft Caramels. Ang saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. It was like being Edmund eating Turkish delight. Fr. RB got me addicted. :))