Sunday, December 04, 2005


Chuckie Finster's the only Rugrat that I can relate to right now for a lot of reasons. First, he wears glasses. Second, he wears braces. Third, he's (still) a fraidy-cat, despite his efforts to destroy his chicken image. Lastly, he's left-handed. The only difference is that he's a freckle-faced redhead. Now I could name myself as the Noypi Chuckie. Yay! This maybe my shallowest post so far, but I just want to tell that there isn't any character that reflects me as much as Chuckie does. Sweet!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day (for real)

I did wear the ribbon! Hahahaha! I just feel bad I wasn't able to wear it, especially that we had our class pictorial today. I was too lazy to cut a ribbon and pin it on my shirt.

Last year, it really took me and my mother a good deal of time to make the ribbon perfect. But this year, I grabbed for my red W.W.J.D. bracelet and pinned it straight to my shirt, no cuts or whatsoever.

I believe that the best way to prevent getting AIDS is to ask what Jesus would do first before jumping at the bed. It may mean abstinence until marriage, the best and safest way, way safer than using a condom.

As I have just mentioned, we had our class picture taking today. I must have looked stupid on the wacky shots, but what sucked more was that Jerwin and Patrick weren't there to be captured having fun with Sir PV and the class. Darn. And I can't stop thinking about the fact that one of us will be leaving section M to migrate abroad. I'm going to miss him bad.