Monday, July 30, 2007

Lollipop II

Muli, I have another story about a lollipop (so, you'll read more of lollipops and Friday the 13ths, then. Hahaha.) Hindi kasing-k'wela noong mga una kong kinuwento, pero, basahin niyo na rin. Tutal, nandito na rin kayo. Hehehe.

We had our CAT military mass this morning. Regular cadets and flight leaders of the fourth year had to stand up during the duration of the whole mass while the other year levels were sitting down. :| Hahaha.

We were advised before the mass to sleep early, have a big breakfast, and chew in 5 pieces of candy so we won't collapse. I wasn't able to do the first two, so my body relied on the few hours of sleep and candy. I didn't have 5 pieces, though. All I had was Tootsie Pops given to me by Jedd. I was still sucking it when our flight leader commanded, "Chun!" I wasn't able to do anything anymore, we had to stand in attention. He went to me and said, "Bakit ka may kagat na ganyan?" "Sir, hindi pa ubos, o, sir!" "Kagatin mo na 'yan, malapit nang magsimula ang misa." I didn't, though. My teeth's too delicate, and the lollipop was still big, so I just put it in the wrapper and went on with the troop entrance stuff.

I heard the crowd react while the first exhibition of guns and stuff was going on. Didn't see anything, though. Schoolmates of towering heights didn't allow this mere 5'2" to see anything. May nakahulog yata ng baril or something. Tsaka nga pala, may nakita akong mag-collapse. Paano ba naman, ang init! Buti na lang, God kept me through. :) Thank you.