Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My Name: Sam

Yesterday, my brother, sister, and I went to Ateneo so that I could get my set of textbooks that I will be needing for the upcoming classes SY 2005-2006. It was also the time when the class lists of all sections will be posted. Revelation day!

So when my brother and I got out of our transportation, we immediately went to the wall where everybody made a fuss at, which is the wall of the class lists of all sections. I was trying to look at the upper part of the lists, where the 2E class was located, but it was hard since there was a bit of people looking at the lists, too. So I looked below, and when I can clearly see the section of 2M, the Filipino Honors Class, I immediately saw my name!

Woah! Nasa Honors class ako!

I made sure it was really me listed on 2M. I realized that I was really awake, despite the fact that I was deprived of sleeping hours. My wish to be in an honors class came true! Not only that happened. My friend and classmate at Colegio Sto. Domingo, Jedd, and my bestfriend at 1E, Neil, were also listed under the 2M list! I really wanted them to be my classmates when I took the exam, and now they are my classmates for ever! Just kidding with you. They are my classmates only until 4th year. Praise the Lord, for he granted my favor! And oh, I feel like dancing!

(I have a prequel post on this event on my life, back when I was still using xanga. Click here to find out more!)

After getting the textbooks, I signed up for my CSP (Christian Service Program) Site. Sweet thing there was a site located in Cainta, Rizal, so I wouldn't need to travel further! Aaron had referred me to this place called Noah's Ark, in Valley Golf. He's pretty blessed to get a slot, for that place is only walking distance for him from his house towards there! As for me, Noah's Ark is also my CSP site. I was able to get the final slot! (Upon knowing that, it felt like the Amazing Race!) I will be serving orphans there on my second term of classes, so the middle term is where activities will be jampacked!

After the CSP site- signing, my brother, sister, and I went to Sta. Lucia to purchase some tapes that we would be needing, and Auntie Anne's pretzels! Then, we went home and ate lunch.

As we were waiting for our parents' arrival from Australia, the bad news came to us siblings that one of our pet dogs, Chuvita, died, due to asthma. She was 5 years old.

At evening, my parents came home safely to our house. Upon their arrival, they gave us lots of goodies from New Zealand and Australia. I was given a few chocolate bars, lots of keychains, chips, and ballpen. Swell!

My appendix hurts right now. Lord, please let the pain go away right now!

Thank you for reading this post, guys. I need to log out, for I also need to sleep.

God bless you all!

Monday, May 30, 2005

After forever...

I've finally made over my blog! Wala ba kayong mga kamay? (Cliche!)

Aww, thank you my adoring, loving, caring, imaginary fans! I'm so touched by your response!

Anyway, welcome to Going Under My Skin 2.0: Eagle's Wings. From Evanescence, I've converted my blog into a Christian skin. I did this because the main reason I built a blog (Lord, here I go again...) is for the chance of saving someone else's life. Either of us don't know how it will be exactly be done through blogging, but it may happen-- if we have faith.(I've been watching a lot of Joan of Arcadia lately, so don't you worry because I'm still sane! )

Eagle's Wings is one of Hillsong's contemporary Christian songs, which makes this blog Christian. Now, having the eagle in my blog, I may also say that the eagle is a sign of my Atenean identity. Why not? Halikinu! Fabilioh! Whatever those words exactly mean.

I got to leave this post until somewhere below this. It took me forever to finish the blog yet I haven't put the Eagle's Wings song in here. I need someone to tell me the code so that I can play that song in this blog.

Toodles! God bless you.