Monday, September 18, 2006

Report Card Day/DWTL 229

I received my report card today, with record low marks on it. My lowest were two C's (pasang awa), Filipino and Math. I'm not surprised that I got these scores. I praise God I didn't fail, especially in Filipino. Being in Filipino Honors Class, we're given more difficult activities in Filipino. Our Filipino teacher Ser Pao told us that he has the right to give us an extra 5% in our class standing since we have those difficult activities. He said that our original score's 5% lower than what is given us. At dahil pasang awa nga ako, ang ibig sabihin nito ay bagsak dapat ako kung ako'y nasa klaseng regular. Salamat talaga, Lord.

For requirement's sake, I'm having my Days With the Lord Retreat this coming Friday, September 22. Part of that requirement is to gather as many palancas as we can, so I'm asking for yours. You can send it to my email,, if you can't give it to me personally. Thank you very much.

For those people who are done with Days, you know how short my palancas are (unless you request me to make them longer). I'm sorry if the palanca I gave you was not helpful with your Days experience. I didn't want to flatter and lie to you at the same time, so I decided to make them short and of the same banana. Wala kasing nagsasabi sa 'kin kung ano talagang nangyayari sa Days, so I wrote the palanca based on the name of the activity. I thought it was better than not giving any palanca at all. Meron kasing mga bitter na maikli palanca ko, so, 'yon.

Notice that I didn't italicize, or italize as Ms. Galban would say it, my Filipino text. Wala lang.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Setyembre na nga pala, so...