Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My Last Summer Vacation Post for 2005

Mahaba-habang paksa! Mwahahaha! (Weoh!)

Anyway, this post won't be long, 'cause my mom has finally set an internet curfew upon her children! I know it's for me and my siblings' good. So by 9 PM, all computers must be shut down and all lights are out by 10 PM. This post will be really snappy.

My family and I had just left Baguio earlier after our stay there for our vacation. It's cold out there and it's really weird because I felt different when I was there. It's as if I'm not in the Philippines because of the weather. I felt like I was at home. Parang hindi ako umalis ng bahay. It's because there was SkyCable at the room we stayed at, and it felt so warm inside, because it was cold outside the room. Even though, I enjoyed Baguio, knowing that I've visited another spectacular sight in the Philippines.

I'll be going back to school tomorrow. It's weird having a vacation, knowing that I'll be immediately be at Ateneo the next day. I have mixed emotions right now. I'm excited to see my friends again, all four of them. :P I'm clueless about my new classmates. I have no idea how I should interact with them. I'm anxious about my new teachers, hoping that they won't have a hard time with us and pressure to us our honor-section identity. I'm feeling the pressure all over again. It's the same as I was starting my freshman year, because everything about the school year is totally manipulated. ROAR!

I have to go now. The clock is about to strike 9. Bye! God bless you.